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Trench Shoring Products – Box Shoring - Light Box Series 300

The SBH Light Box combines a light plate construction with a flexible spindle. This makes this type of trench shoring so perfect for small to medium trench shoring projects and for the use of light construction machinery. This trench shoring is also suitable when the ground is not stable. The flexible spindle makes it suitable for the installation with the "cut and lower" method.

LIGHT BOX SERIES 300 in action

The light box is mostly used for supply lines, house connections and cable laying.

The robust construction of the side profiles allows higher strut clearances compared to the light weight trench shoring and the spindle we use with this type of trench shoring allows greater trench widths.

max. installation depth:4,00m
Trench width:1,11 - 4,39m
Spindle Clearance height (hc):1,27m
Mobile and chain excavator:basebox only: 9 - 13t
with top box: 18 - 30t

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