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Trench Shoring Products – Pressbox Series 800

Crossing supply lines, building next to building, narrow access and close traffic – these are typical problems for trench shoring projects inside the city. On top, there is the necessity for noise control and for vibration-free installation of profiles. Another aspect of inner-city trench construction is the challenge to perform a work free of settling and the aspect of compacting.

SBH has solved all these problems with its Pressbox: A trench shoring system which perfectly combines the fulfilment of technical requirements and cost-effectiveness.

Even bad soil conditions, as for example gritty or non-cohesive grounds, do no longer make any problem when using the SBH Pressbox. With this trench shoring system, you can realize a completely shored pit up to the trench bottom.

PRESS BOX SERIES 800 in action

Lowering and pulling of box sections is done by hydraulic propulsion while the box sections support the trench walls.

When the ground is sensitive and damageable for vibrations, for example close to buildings, it is not possible to drive the piles as the resulting shock waves would damage the buildings. At the same time, pile driving would involve high costs and would create an immense noise pollution. Here, the SBH Pressbox is the ideal solution.

max. installation depth:bis 7,00m
Trench width:1,73 - 4,91m
Strut clearance height (hc):max. 4,00m
Mobile and chain excavator:18 - 30t
For assembly and dismantling:80t Kran

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